DMN or TDM – Two Competing Decision Model Standards or One Composite Model?


There are two competing standards for Business Decision Management (aka Decision Management) – The Decision Model (TDM) and the new emerging Decision Model & Notation (DMN) Object Management Group (OMG) standard.

In his latest guest blog post Suleiman Shehu outlines the reasons why Business Decision Management requires a modelling notation and a methodology (at least one) and compares key features of DMN with TDM.

Suleiman argues in his post that TDM is both a notation and a methodology whilst DMN has only a notation but does not have a methodology – although the DMN notation enables all types of business logic that can be expressed as a function to be modelled has more expressive power than TDM.

Finally Suleiman argues that rather than considering DMN and TDM as competing decision model notations, that the “15 Principles” design methodology from TDM should be merged with the DMN to create a new composite decision model. In effect combining the DMN notation with TDM 15 principles but applying it only to those parts of the DMN that contain decisions that are powered by Decision Tables (aka Rule Family Tables) only.

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